It's the Strangest Thing, I Am Little Nervous

Well, today I am writing to y'all from the parking lot of a local restaurant where my daughters are attending a wrap-up session for their Disciple Now "Strangest Things" weekend retreat. I hope no one gets weirded out by my glowing laptop and probably way too loud music emitting from my car. (I am absorbing the CD (that's right...CD) that I bought at church today of the band who performed all weekend for the teenagers and for the congregants at service this morning.)

This week, we are going to continue working on our upcoming estate sale which will be held on the February 2-4, 2018, weekend. We will have some interesting items for folks to purchase. Be sure to check out our link in the top left hand corner of the page (the lines). We JUST listed the sale. So right now, there are no pictures. Essentially, the date is there with limited information.

While you are checking out the link to, you might as well check out the other links. Like us on Facebook and we will come across your newsfeed with upcoming events, sales, and individually listed items for sale. Follow us on Twitter to get updates to sales in 250 characters or less. Join us on Instagram to see a featured item from a sale or a find we discovered on our treasure hunts. (I need to get better at Instagramming. (Is that a verb now?)) Explore our Pinterest page and please don't judge. Really...I'm not addicted. (Ignore my tick when you see me saying that in person.) In person is what I hope to do one day. That is right, meet you in person.

As for creating this blog, I have to say that I had blogged for many years as a teacher. My students could never say that they didn't know what we were doing in class whether they were there or not because the lesson plans were all online along with upcoming tests, quizzes, and homework. It was nice. Now that I have transitioned into this world of antiques, estate sales, and spending more time with family, I have to admit that I hope I can blog about it while keeping y'all interested. It can be a little nerve-racking. This is why I am a little nervous. Humph, it's a strange thing for someone who has the gift of the gab.

So, what is coming soon to the "Faith, Family, Antiques!" blog? Well, soon I will let you know about us and why we started these businesses and TRY to give you an explanation as to what we do and who is doing the "do".

Okay, I got the call. The meeting is over and my daughters are ready to go. This means I get the rundown from my lovely girls about what was discussed during the eye opening weekend to God's word and how they will carry those lessons learned through the rest of the year at home and at school. I love my time with them and I look forward to my time with you all!
Goodnight, good luck, and God bless!


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