Sit and Wait

Well, I am doing exactly as the title suggests. I am sitting and waiting for my truck to get its way overdue, oil change and tire rotation. All is well. They have free WiFi and I came prepared for the 1.5 - 2 hour wait that I would have to endure. (I learned my lesson the last time.) It is even better now that I just remembered that I needed an inspection and they are going to be able to do that at the same time. SWEET! I love Mac Haik Georgetown! This is why we have gotten three vehicles from them.

But as we all know, sitting and waiting is something that we have to do on a daily basis whether we realize it or not. We have to sit and wait on our coffee (at home or at the local coffee shop), our children who might not be ready to leave at the time we have requested, our meals from the oven, microwave, or restaurant, and unfortunately sleep. Yes...sometimes some of us have to wait on sleep to finally come upon our harried end of the day. Sometimes, I beg for it to come sooner than it finally obliges itself. I call my wait with sleep "Insomnia".

I don't know why Insomnia makes me wait. Perhaps I am thinking too much. That is a problem I have had all my life. Being an ADHD sufferer, my mind is constantly going. My husband says it is like I am on crack. I wake up early and go to bed late. Sometimes it is great and at other times, it is awful. Lately, I think it has to do with all the possibilities of the future. For example, I have been waiting for this certain day that would inevitably come. The day that my daughters would turn the big 16. Well, that day is upon us.

First, we had to think about a birthday party. Would it be a big "Sweet 16" party or a small intimate one? Who would we invite and how many people would we allow? When would it be held? Where would we do this shindig? What would be the theme? How would the invitations look? Ugh! Those are just some of the questions that run through my head. You know that once the theme has been picked, we then have to get decorations, cake, swag-bags, etc. All the while, we have to do this on a small budget. Therefore, it comes down to what we can make and do with materials we already have. You always want to do right by your children but not break the bank at the same time. We have twins so thinking about two college educations trumps big time, birthday parties.

So, we picked the "Twin Wizard Tournament" loosely based on the Harry Potter tournament in the Goblet Of Fire book. (I will be honest and tell you that this theme was easy for me. I have been waiting to do a HP birthday theme for a long while.) Teenagers seem to like competition. Therefore, they will be competing in different rooms for a "house" title and then go on to the championship round. It will be an intimately sized party at our house with decorations being handmade and ordered online. I made the invitations and they were hand delivered. (The date's blog picture is the front of the invitation.) Now, we wait for the party. Sitting is not an option. We have to clean the house which can be difficult with the five dogs we own which includes 3 Labrador Retrievers. After the party is over, then my mind will start waiting for high school graduation. That's me. I don't necessarily worry. I just wonder.

But waiting and wondering can sometimes be tedious and worrisome for many. I luckily have in the back of my mind the scripture Jeremiah 29:11. God has a plan for me. It is on His time. I may be waiting a long time for certain prayers and I may have to wait forever for things He believes I don't need. Again, it is His plan. It will be for His good and it will be good. We may not like it but we have to know that there is a reason for everything, good or bad. This knowing makes the wondering and waiting go more easily. Yes, worry creeps in from time to time. (I am human, after all.) But, I can't worry away what will be. For example, having twins...why twins? Yes, we have twins on both sides of the family. But why us? Well, I sat and waited for children for many years. Many of my friends had two children in those years of waiting.  I caught up in one pregnancy. I don't know what His reason was but I am totally fine with it. It was a difficult delivery but I would not trade the experience at all. I have much to teach from all of the waiting.( I really could go on for days but that will have to wait for my book. (That is sarcasm, folks.)) So, be patient in the Lord. I know I was.

Patience can work out well. It did today for me. The waiting here actually proved productive. I finally got another post done. I know I was supposed to write about how we got into our new line of duties Please forgive me but that will have to "wait". We have a birthday party this weekend that has been a long time coming. So, until the next post..good luck and God bless.


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